Top 10 Airbnbs to rent this summer
Spring is here, trees are getting greener, and it’s the best time of the year for many activities. In our eyes, May is one of the best months to book a work/action trip, where you can spend your mornings working, and your afternoons exploring places that you haven’t visited before. We put the list together of top 10 Airbnbs that you can rent in spring where work and play go hand in hand. And in case if we missed any, send us your suggestions to 

More and more people are traveling to Morocco to discover its culture, waves, and food. It’s not always easy to find good WiFi there, so make sure you stay in the house when you have important meetings. Our top Airbnb pick for Morocco is: Link to Airbnb 

Poland is one of Europe’s gems that often gets overlooked. It's beautiful, affordable and not full to the brim of tourists. If you have an important thesis to write, or are applying for a new job, this Airbnb next to the lake is a great option. With a trail running track nearby, a sauna and a lake a few meters away - it’s a great place to nail the work/wellness balance. Link to Airbnb


If you have a group of friends who all dream about changing up the work environment for a while, then this Airbnb in Spain is what you should book. The view tells it all. Link to Airbnb

If you haven’t visited Cornwall yet, you should. It’s known as one of the UK’s best surf spots with various beaches and breaks a short drive from one another. Spring is the best time to go because it can get very touristy in the summer months, but 100% still worth a visit if you’re up for the challenge of ditching the crowds. This is our top pick for a work/surf/explore trip. Link to Airbnb


Deep focus, nature hikes, and a bit of wine is what the host of this Airbnb is promising. And based on the images, we believe this is a very good choice if you’re keen to become a minimalist for a week. Make your deadlines while keeping active. Link to Airbnb


The perfect mix of Mama Mia vibes (yes, we know this was set in Greece), cypress trees, natural swimming pools, great food and Italian guitars. If that sounds like something that you’rle keen to experience, then check out this Airbnb. It was featured in Condé Nast Traveller magazine so you know it’s going to be a goodie. Link to Airbnb

Immerse yourself in the wilderness but keep within reach of civilization. The surrounding nature, the activities on offer and a stay at this unique apartment is guaranteed to get you some Instagram story replies ;) Link to Airbnb


Meeting new people, sharing a kitchen, picking up some cooking tips and enjoying mixing with different cultures are a few of our favorite things about traveling. Being able to do all this and still have the privacy of your own room is basically striking gold. This airbnb is effectively a fancy hostel, offering up rooms on a farm stay. It’s flanked by a nature reserve meaning you can get out and about and explore the beautiful Turkish countryside whenever you need a break from your meetings. Link to Airbnb

This is the smallest Airbnb you’ll probably stay in, but that just means you’re more likely to focus on work, yourself and the nature surrounding you. Estonia is a great little country to explore and being in northern Europe, it means you’re safe from sweltering hot, sticky weather. Oh, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to meet amazing people. Link to Airbnb

We’ll use one of the reviews to explain this place; “this is the best Airbnb I’ve ever stayed at, the pictures don’t do it justice, and Eduardo’s support and kindness was unmatched. the surroundings are breathtaking, I admired every sunrise, every sunset, and every starry night, all impressive! You will thank yourself for booking this piece of paradise”. Link to Airbnb