Skate Duffel 65L

Taking skate-travel seriously.

Skate travel is a joke. Some days your board is classified as a weapon. Some days it’s disregarded as a toy. Most days, you’re treated as a kid. Whether you pack it in a plastic bag, under your shirt or in a makeshift container - getting anywhere is unpredictable.

It’s time that changed.

“This bag changed the way I travel.”
– Ishod Wair
Meet Ishod
Db Europe


Ishod is one of the most influential street skateboarders in the world. He is as much a technical skater as he is a style icon - sitting in that much sought after space between skateboarding and street culture. He was admired by Virgil Abloh for many years and pulled in to model for Off White. He has a huge interest in photography and the creative scene and has been instrumental in the effective merging of skating and fashion.

Take Sarah away from the skate scene and put her in a dark room and she shines just as bright. Photography has given Sarah the opportunity to identify herself away from skate and the ability to express herself - something she doesn’t take for granted and bakes into her work wherever possible. She describes both skating and photography as ‘trial and error’ interests where failures are always followed by successes and vice versa.

Traveling, surfing and skateboarding all over the globe while juggling the highs and lows of being a new parent, is a life most of us dream about. We can only imagine how new environments and bountiful sunrises must take the sting out of sleepless nights. Currently, Hugo is skating for Stussy, Limousine, Spitfire and Nike SB - earning himself a dream sponsor list of core partners. Db Skate are incredibly proud to have a unique rider like Hugo as part of our team. Here’s to the future.

Currently, Beatrice lives in New York where she’s set herself up as one of the major backers of female skateboarding. She’s one of the main spokespeople for women in the sport and regularly encourages girls to get into street skating. She’s humble, determined and is doing amazing things for the industry. We’re incredibly proud to have welcomed her to our team.