The Hugger Family: My (Honest) Review
The Hugger 90L was my wardrobe for four years. Together with Hugger 30L, that was all I had. I traveled from country to country with just my bags on my bag and in the process, got to know the Huggers pretty well. Here’s what I learned

As you might have seen, we’re posting and talking a lot about the Hugger collection online on our website and on our socials. We thought that next to the ads, posts, and website banners, this product category deserved a blog post itself as well. Technically I guess I’m writing an ad, probably the longest ad that I will ever write, but it's also going to be completely honest.

I want to mention that just before I started writing this, I read back over some of the old postcards from Taylor. William and I were working on the Hugger email copy, and I went reading through the archives to find some inspiration. It was a nice change - nowadays we often get stuck scrolling through Instagram and TikTok, and I got stuck reading postcards from Taylor. If you have no idea what they are, you should read them here 

So, what do postcards and the Hugger collection have in common? It’s pretty simple. Travel. I’ve been traveling by myself a lot for the last four years. The journey started with me moving to the Netherlands to complete my studies. Back then, I was not working at Db yet, so I was traveling with only one Db Backpack and one random suitcase. Trust me or not, when I left the apartment, I was daydreaming about having the full set of the Db bags so that I could hook them up and make my travels easier. 

My years in the Netherlands didn’t go as planned due to Covid and I ended up traveling much more than expected. Since February 2020, I’ve only used the Hugger products for my travels. For me, The Hugger 90L was my wardrobe for those years. Together with Hugger 30L, that was all I had. 

I can honestly say that traveling has changed for me since I started to use the Db bags and the Hook-Up System™. Just the ease of carrying everything in one bag, instead of having both hands full of stuff and carrying something extra on your back is a gamechanger. Yes, I know I just sound like a salesperson, but when you have to walk 10 minutes to the bus station, the Hook-Up System™ is pretty revolutionary. You sweat less, which is always a bonus, and you have one hand free to check Google Maps or text your friend. 

One mistake I made, however, is that I ordered too many of the same Hugger products, just in different colors. Trust me, you don’t need the Hugger 30L in Black and in a Fogbow. One will do the job. If you travel a lot, I would suggest you take The Hugger 90L and The Hugger 25L. And you don’t need much more than this for at least the next five years of travels. Instead of buying a Hugger in every color, spend the money on ice cream (you can get 84 scoops for that price), bus tickets or rent a car somewhere and just get out and see the world. 

Traveling really is easier with Huggers, there’s no doubt about that. But it won’t make you explore random places, try different food and search for hidden waves. That’s still up to you ;)