Screen Time Bomb
This is not a prescription, and I feel silly even writing it, as I’m not qualified to offer advice.

But there are two things I’ve done recently that changed my life, and maybe they’d work for you, too...

The first is that I don’t sleep next to my phone anymore. This has three benefits:

1. It keeps me from pettin’ screen into the wee hours.

2. If I wake up in the middle of the night and look at the time, I don’t see whatever messages are coming in from colleagues in different time zones (which in the past could keep me from falling back asleep).

3. When I wake up, instead of reading the news and scrolling Instagram in bed, I just get up. Go figure. That small, efficient step then snowballs and helps me have a more focused, productive day.

The second was deleting the Instagram app on my phone. To be clear, I didn’t delete my Instagram. I can, and still do, see my account through a web browser. But this clunkier user experience keeps me from unconsciously tapping the app 50 times a day and mindlessly scrolling till I remember why I opened my phone in the first place.

This is less of a digital detox than it is a weaning. I don’t know how much less I’m actually on my phone, but when I am, it feels like it’s on purpose, and that’s gotta mean something.