Scratching The Itch
For the past decade if Db’s content director, Marcus Olsson, wasn’t on the road, he was planning his next trip. Then Covid hit and his wings were clipped, just like the rest of us.

But this week, after three months of lockdown, he was re-released into the wild for a photo shoot in Folgefonna, a glacial ski area in Norway. I called him, excited to hear his tale of freedom, hoping for a glimpse of my not so distant future.

He was just about to head up the mountain. As we spoke, zippers whizzed open and shut. Equipment clicked into place. Voices chatted quickly in the background. It was the sound of movement and the anticipation of adventure. I was already jealous.

MARCUS: That was the longest stretch I’ve been at home in almost 10 years. I actually think it was good for me. My body and mind needed a break. But these past few weeks, seeing that things were opening up, I started itching to get on the road. Now that I’m here, hanging with friends and being on the mountain, I realize that it’s a bit like a mosquito bite. When you notice it, and you start scratching, it starts itching more.

Looking back at lockdown, I was more unhappy than I thought I was. I was trying to stay positive, but now that I’m here and have some perspective it’s like, “Damn, that was weird. I like being out here more.”

Marcus couldn’t talk long. He had to join the rest of the crew up the mountain for sunset. A sunset that — at 60 degrees north — began at 8pm and lasted almost till midnight. He wasn’t going to miss a second of it.