New Year, New Db
On Christmas Eve we went to post a photo on the @douchebags Instagram and found that our handle had been changed to @dbjourney. This was a surprise — the name change wasn’t supposed to happen till January 10. Guess someone at Facebook got excited.

Anyway, Eisenhower was right when he said, “plans are useless, planning is indispensable.”

So, a couple of weeks early, we shared the name change we’ve been planning for the past year. “As a brand we are constantly trying to progress,” we wrote in the caption. “Whether it’s with our products, materials or brand. As of today we are Db and we are on a journey! Then what does Db mean? It can be anything. Douchebags? Dobetter? Dreambig? Dangerousbacon? Yes, we can be anything! What do you think we should be?”

The comments flooded with what it meant to you: Drasticbondage. Destroyboundaries. Dailybag. Dozenbeers. Dealbreaker. And hundreds of others. This is what we’d hoped for — everyone getting involved, playing, throwing spaghetti at the wall.

But one comment, from @jakesandor, perfectly summed up the risk of this name change: “Have to say, this makes me sad!” he wrote. “DB is so boring, and i loved the in your face branding of Douchebags. It wasnt for everyone but it was amazing for lots of us! The quality of the bags DID justify it!”

For the past 10 years Db has attracted a passionate group of loyalists who loved our bags and brash branding. But as Tin, our social media guru responded to Jake, “but Db means anything. Including Douchebags 👊”

As they say, “what got you here won’t get you there.” Our bags are only getting better. Our community is only getting stronger. It’s 2021. The next Decadebegins now, and we’re grateful you’re coming along.