Love To Burst Your Bubble

Love To Burst Your Bubble

We all live in bubbles — invisible cocoons where everything is safe, happy and comfortable.

In my last postcard, I wrote about the importance of travel and how venturing into the world exposes us to awe, which rewires our brains and makes us better people. In other words, travel pops our bubbles. And when we eventually become comfortable with what before felt foreign, our bubbles reform, only bigger.

This is called growth and it only happens through discomfort.

Last week’s events in the US popped our bubbles in an entirely different way, when viral and important images reached through our screens and shook us. PAY ATTENTION! And we had no choice. Our bubbles had burst. Things were uncomfortable. And they still are.

We are in a growth period and isn’t that a beautiful thing? Soon, our bubbles will reform, bigger, and we will be better for it.

Then, we can pop them again...and again...and again.



P.S. This video of a unity paddle-out in Southern California was moving. I hope you’ll watch it.