My best friend since childhood runs a growing tech company. His wife works in marketing for a bigger outfit. They have two daughters, 1 and 3, and live in Los Angeles. Except right now they don’t. They live in Todos Santos, Mexico. Because they can.

Much ink has been spilled on Covid’s acceleration of remote work, and while it’s largely considered a WFH revolution, where that H is doesn’t really matter. So, with vaccines going in arms around the world and borders beginning to pry open, the WFAnywhere trend is just getting started.

Visiting my bestie’s fam while we were in Mexico last week felt like we were getting a glimpse of a post-Covid future, where work is location-agnostic, time zones are an accepted hurdle and, as long as you’ve got wifi and a functioning phone, life goes on.

Only, life is better. Better weather. Better house. More affordable food and child care.

As my friend summarized, “I surf in the morning, walk to the beach with my daughters in the evening and I’m more creative and energized at work. This is the best decision we could’ve made.”

Not everyone is fortunate enough to enjoy this kind of flexibility. Many careers require you to be there, in-person. But, if you’ve been working from a computer these past 12 months, then you can do it, and making it a reality is as simple as making it a priority.

Now might be the time to start searching for your newest “office.” Where would you go? Where will you go?

Maybe I’ll see you there.