We’re packing for Portugal now and it got me thinking... I’ve written about “all things travel” except for the luggage. You know, the thing Db actually sells.

And since I’m currently staring at a floor covered in empty backpacks, duffels and rollers, I thought it’d be a good time to talk about our favorite Db gear that we’ve used while traveling over the last 6 months.

The Strom 90L - Formerly “The Big Bastard”, this roller holds everything and the kitchen sink. We started the first leg of our trip with two of them, but traded one in for a Hyatta in Kyrgyzstan, and gave the other one to our guide (he was v happy). It forced us to cut down on our load a bit, but be more mobile once we went on safari. (When fully loaded with clothes and toiletries it weighs about 25kg.)

The Hytta 50L - Formerly “The Duplex”, this split duffel / backpack is a workhorse (and, fun-fact, fits well on a horse). You can shove so much stuff in here and it’ll still be comfy to carry. It’s also the perfect weekender for a couple (each person gets a side). Dana and I did this a lot and loved it. My only feedback is that I wish there were an external zipper to access things in the main compartment. (When fully loaded, it weighs about 15 kg.)

The Djarv 3-4 Surfboard Coffin - Formerly “The Bunker”, this is hands down the best surfboard bag I’ve ever used. The nose and tail pack bags that double as padding is genius, and even when fully loaded the bag handles well and is easy to carry. That it rolls up when we’re not using is a bonus. I usually carry three boards in here, but it easily fits four.

The Backpack Pro - Dana rocks the Desert Khaki version and mine is all black. We use these as carry ons and for day trips. We love that the main compartment fully opens, the internal pockets that keep all your small things organized and the super strong water bottle pocket. Large or small, the water bottle will not move in here. That’s important.

The Naer 40L Duffel - Formerly “The Carryall”, I think it’s the most underrated bag from Db. It can go from a backpack to a duffel Transformer-style, and has all these great compartments for dirty clothes or shoes. We brought one for the first leg of our trip to use as a weekend bag until we got the Hyatta. We also use it all the time for short trips at home.

The AEra 25L Tote - Formerly “The Sidekick”, this is on Dana’s shoulder 90% of the time. She loves it as a “personal item” carry-on, a beach bag or a large purse for the city. My only complaint is that she’s always changing which pockets she puts things in. Although I guess that’s more of a complaint for her...

The Pack Bags - These make a big difference in packing and staying organized, especially in large bags like The Strom 90L. That said, they’re all designed to fit well in the other bags, too. Tetris-style.

OK, jeeze. I’m stalling. I should probably get back to actually packing.

We’re basing ourselves on the Portuguese coast for the next six weeks. Anyone want to go for a surf?