Your mandatory Sunday night viewing.

One of my favorite things is consuming media without context or expectations.
To get a recommendation from someone you trust, stop them before they give a synopsis, and just dive in.

I did this with one of my favorite books ever, Shantaram, when a friend of mine who was way ahead of the curve recommended it to me during my last semester at university. I remember walking across campus to my finals with my nose in that book, instead of studying.

Then I did it again the other night with the Derek DelGaudio special In & Of Itself, on Hulu. Not quite a movie, not quite a play, not quite like anything you’ve seen before. I didn’t know what it was about and was speechless while watching it.

Now, I don’t want to hype it up too much or be overly descriptive because I’m hoping we’ve built up enough trust this past year that you’ll just take the rec and go watch it. (Don’t google it, either!)

My best friend always says that “Happiness is reality minus expectations,”* so let’s manage them and if your mind gets blown, so be it.

Oh, and if you can’t get Hulu where you live, look into a VPN. It’s worth it.


*I’m sure he stole it from someone. He’s like that.