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On January 1st 2012, we introduced our iconic Snowroller; the light, length adjustable and fully compressible wheeled ski and snowboard bag. Ten years on, we have the newest iteration; the Snowroller 2.0. It’s cleaner, longer, deeper and features some clever little additions that make hauling gear even easier.  

Our patented Hook-Up System™, Rib-Cage Protection™ and Length-Adjustment System™ are the unique Db innovations that come together to simplify snow travel. Discover our range of award-winning, innovative backpacks, duffels and rollers below and let your journey to the mountains begin.

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Our field testers

Without our field testers we'd never be able to make award-winning products loved by the creative community. Our catalog of talented friends, ambassadors and incredible creatives are always happy to put our products to the test when combing the world in search of their next great story.

Sam Favret

Estelle Pensiero

Sage Kotsenburg

Nikolai Schirmer

Kevin Bäckström

Marcus Kleveland


Since 2009, Db has been focused on developing the best products for convenient travel. Our bags have received international attention, and in 2012 our ski and snowboard bag was a finalist for Innovation of the Year at the largest sporting goods trade show in the world – ISPO in Munich, Germany.

The Djärv Snowroller was developed by interviewing more than 150 professional and passionate skiers and snowboarders to uncover what the core user really needs from their travel gear. Further, luggage handlers, train conductors and airline companies gave their opinions on how the bag would be best suited for transportation. The tireless research and commitment to solving real problems worked and today, The Djärv Snowroller is still considered the best travel bag available by top athletes, globetrotters and design jury members.

How to pack The Djärv Snowroller

Nikolai Schirmer gives us his best tips and tricks to optimising the packing process of The Djärv Snowroller.


Freedom to go. That is our mission. Therefore, Db is not just about designing bags – it is about creating products that give you the freedom to travel however you want.

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