Looking back to move forward

Taking responsibility for the impact our business has on people and the planet has been at the core of Db since its inception in 2012. Designing and producing durable products made to last a lifetime is one of the foundations the business was built on. We have always focused on setting a strategy and roadmap that guides us to take concrete actions within corporate social responsibility.

In 2022, we realized that measuring and reporting our achievements and challenges was critical in an effort of transparency. We provide in this section the details about Db’s efforts to become a more responsible business and about our performance with respect to environmental, social and governance factors.

We are by no means perfect but we strive for progress, so your feedback, questions, and ideas on how we can improve are very welcome. Please feel free to get in touch with Customer Service, or write to our CSR team: dobetter@dbjourney.com.

2022 Responsibility Report
B Corp Report