What’s the difference between 70L and 127L?

The Snow Roller 127L stands out for those requiring more space for their winter journey essentials. This bag can effortlessly accommodate two pairs of skis along with most of your snow trip equipment, making it a superior choice for extended trips or for those who like to pack extra. The Snow Roller 70L is an ideal choice for those who prefer a more compact and lighter bag for their winter escapades. Despite its slimmer profile, it efficiently accommodates up to two pairs of skis, along with some essential skiing equipment. Both of the bag's length is adjustable, ensuring a perfect fit for any ski size.

So what can I actually fit?

There's a whole world of possibilities when it comes to what you can fit in your Snow Roller. After a fun chat with our office crew and our awesome community, we've pinpointed the gear that typically tags along with their snow rollers.

Snow Roller 70L

For the skier
Though it's the sleeker model, it still manages to snugly fit up to two pairs of skis & poles, plus your skiing must-haves like goggles, gloves, and avalanche safety equipment. Packing just one pair of skis? No problem, you'll have enough room for your boots and helmet too. 

For the Cross-Country Skier
For enthusiasts of cross-country skiing, our Snow Roller is designed to accommodate several sets of skis up to 205cm in length, along with most of your essentials for a day trip. This includes space for your boots, a shell jacket, an extra sweater, and your wax kit, ensuring you're fully equipped for the trails. 

For the Snowboarder
We advise against using the Snow Roller 70L for snowboard gear, as it may be too narrow to fit most snowboards. Instead, we recommend the Snow Roller 127L, which offers ample space for all your snowboarding equipment.

Snow Roller Pro 127L

For the Skier
The larger Snow Roller model, with a capacity of 127L, can transport up to four pairs of skis along with some smaller essentials. If you're packing one or two pairs of skis, there's also space for your helmet, ski boots, essentials, and some ski clothing. Many in our community find they can pack all their ski gear in it and use a duffel or smaller bag for their everyday clothes.

For the Snowboarder:
This larger version (127L) can hold up to two snowboards, plus your boots, helmet, and smaller essentials. With just one board packed, you can also fit most of your outdoor clothing, including a jacket, pants, and some base layers—essentially, everything you need for the mountain. The rest of your attire can be conveniently carried in a smaller duffel for light traveling.

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