Design philosophy

The guiding principle of Scandinavian design is to improve everyday life. Our goal is to create harmony between people and the environment, designing for the space between point A and point B. Seeking problems worth solving.

The main elements comprising our design philosophy are versatile functionality, unobtrusive simplicity, craftsmanship, and minimized impact. We create intuitive, quality products through complex design solutions - converging outdoor functionality and durability with timeless urban sophistication.


Rather than ignoring or avoiding issues, we at Db dive right into the center of them. We seek opportunities to challenge ourselves to create inventive white spaces.

Through research, ideation, prototyping, design and development, we utilize design tools to mine problems and insights from our communities to build clever solutions.

This is our process. Unapologetically, we have no interest in releasing things that don’t serve a real purpose. Sorry not sorry. We’re passionate about what we make, what we do and how we do it - and Db does it like nobody does.

From the source

Every idea stems from our community of skiers, snowboarders, photographers and surfers. They are our window into a world of unique insight, informing our design needs and framing the problems we aim to solve.

The result is creative product, driven by logic and a clear intent. They work the way they’re supposed to work. They are shaped the way they should be shaped, fitting all the things they’re supposed to, protecting the things that need protecting.

We aim to make our products useful, honest, understandable, long-lasting, and thorough down to the very last detail. All while intending to reduce our footprint and always dobetter.

Form follows function

Our products embody these five key considerations:

Crafting gear using quality materials to safeguard your gear and last a lifetime.

Finding materials and processes to construct products better.

Eliminating pain with our hook-up system, transferring weight onto wheels, not your back.

Building gear suitable in multiple environments and purposes.

Maximizing storage through space saving designs.

Designed for longevity

We work within the Scandinavian design philosophy of functional minimalism, employing durable recycled materials and trims that offer a long life. Aesthetics matter just as much. If our products are going to last a lifetime, they need to age with you. We don’t follow trends as we consider our design silhouettes to be timeless.


For better or worse, we’re quite meticulous - down to the tiniest details. By the time the product is in your hands, we’ve analyzed every stitch. From thorough design-to-manufacture processes to our desire to have every product meet its intended purpose in the most intuitive way.

Every interaction and pocket thought through to the point of, “of course they did that!” We aim to make things easy.

Intuitive. Effortless. We’ve already done the hard thinking for you. Just get out there and enjoy the journey.

Reduced thoughtfully

In some ways, a product is never finished. We are constantly asking what can be removed, what material can be replaced with a more sustainable alternative, what can be reduced, what can be reused, and what can be re-designed via a new solution. 

The goal is not only to reduce the impact of the product - something we measure using certified partners and researched-based data - but to simply make the product better. The challenge is to always do so without compromising the product’s integrity or identity. We consider a product to be perfect not when nothing further can be added, but when nothing further can be removed.