Our mission
Our mission is to inspire you to go out into the world in pursuit of your passions, and Do Better for our people, our planet, and the places you go.

What we do
We create purposeful products that last for all the journeys you’ll set out on. Our design philosophy is based on durability, timeless aesthetics, versatile functionality, and minimized impact. We understand that no brand can claim to be truly sustainable, but it won’t stop us from playing our part in combating the challenges posed by climate change and promoting social justice.

Our most important journey is still ahead of us - our journey to becoming a truly circular business. We do this by extending product lifetime, reducing the amount of products needed on any journey, using only renewable energy throughout our supply chain, and enabling a complete repurpose of all our products at the end of their life.

We believe in science-based decisions, industry-recognized certifications, and thorough sourcing processes to select the best materials and minimize the diversity of fibers and components used. On top of this we look to work with the best suppliers willing to go the extra mile with us. This is how we continue to optimize the impact our products have on the environment and the communities involved in their manufacturing. 

One step at a time, always with a sense of urgency.