To make innovative products, you need innovative materials. Our materials are sourced carefully to perform at the highest levels of quality standards, chemical restrictions, and sustainability requirements. We use the Higg Index tool suite to monitor our materials’ and products’ impact on global warming, eutrophication (excessive richness of nutrients in water degrading biodiversity), water scarcity, and their reliance on fossil fuels and chemistry.

Field and laboratory tests are carried out before approving every new reference for production. All materials and products must meet our Chemical requirements & restricted substance list, which goes beyond the REACH regulation. The compliance of our products and components is verified in random chemical tests carried out every year to ensure there is no deviation over time. We are working on nominating 100% of our materials suppliers to improve our environmental impact, the quality of our products, and ensure the social compliance of our partners.

Recycled Coated Heavy-Duty Nylon

Recycled Coated Nylon

Nylon TPU Ripstop

Eco Cordura® Ripstop

Recycled Coated Nylon Ripstop

Recycled TPU Coated Polyester

Recycled PU Coated Polyester


Vegan Leather

Recycled Waxed Nylon

Recycled Regen-Robic® Nylon

Recycled Polyester

Recycled Polyester lining

Organic Cotton French Terry

Organic Cotton Jersey

Recycled Polycarbonate Shell

Recycled Polyethylene

Polyethylene Board

EVA foams

Metal trims

Recycled Webbings