Date of birth
January 9, 1990

Malmö, Sweden

Sarah is a stylish skater and creative photographer from Malmö, Sweden. She grew up in the skate scene here which culminated in her skating. She went on to be the first skateboarding class at the famous Bryggeriet gymnasium. Sarah has been interested in photography from an early age and pursued it separately to skate. Later on she moved away to Gothenburg to study art and photography. It wasn’t until 2015 that she had the confidence to merge her two passions together - and she’s not looked back since. 

Take Sarah away from the skate scene and put her in a dark room and she shines just as bright. Photography has given Sarah the opportunity to identify herself away from skate and the ability to express herself - something she doesn’t take for granted and bakes into her work wherever possible. She describes both skating and photography as ‘trial and error’ interests where failures are always followed by successes and vice versa. 

Back when we started our Skate program our goal was to find a solid and inspirational female ambassador who was more than just a good skater. We had a long list of potential riders we’d have liked to co-create with, but for us Sarah ticked all the ‘dream ambassador’ boxes. She’s both a creator and an athlete and happily flits between those two worlds with ease. Here’s to an exciting ride ahead.

Sarah's Favorite Db Gear