Build your own travel companion.

Our products are designed to work together. Take your travel set up to the next level and save up to 20% when buying multiple items over 1.000kr.

2 products = 10% off

3 products = 15% off

4 products = 20% off

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Choose your base

A decent piece of hold Luggage should be in everyone’s travel arsenal. Choose between the Ramverk Check-In Luggage Large and Medium as a base for your ultimate getaway bundle. Go for Large if you like to travel for two weeks or more, or Medium for week-long breaks.

Choose your side-piece

Next up, you’re going to need the Robin to your Batman, the ketchup to your mayo, the maple to your bacon, the sidekick to your Check-in Luggage. Choose between carry-on pieces, backpacks and a Sling Bag - perfect for traveling light and keeping everything  in easy reach.

Choose your extra

No travel setup is complete without the little pieces. Keep your journeys on the straight and narrow with these Db organizational tools. Pick from accessories and essentials like a wash bag or packing cubes, or if you’re a regular in the water - add the Dry Bag to your bundle.

Your in-flight entertainment

Hitting up an airport soon? Make sure you’re prepped for air-travel with the latest articles from the Db Journal. Warning: in-flight clappers, look away now.