Date of birth
Januari 29th, 1992

Stockholm, Sweden


Oskar Bakke is a world renowned commercial photographer & director based between Los Angeles and his hometown of Stockholm, Sweden.

His work revolves around his strong passion for cars, sports, and lifestyle. If you have any interest in cars, photography or have just followed Db for a while, chances are you'll know exactly who this Swedish creative is. He's one of the best car photographers of our time and the master when in comes to photoshop. During the years he’s stacked up an impressive list of clients and he’s the photographer behind some of Porsche, Maserati, Mercedes & Toyota largest campaigns.

Growing up skiing in northern Sweden has influenced the way he shoots and Bakke has become known for his understanding for capturing movement as well as incorporating that clean Scandinavian style and light into his photography.

Bakke has been with Db since the beginning over 10 years ago and has not only shot our most iconic campaigns since day one but also played an integral part in developing the camera bags and inserts you see in our line up today.

Oskar's Favorite Db Gear

“The interesting thing with the creative world is that there’s endless knowledge. If you ever think you’ve learned it all - you’re out.”

- Oskar Bakke

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