Db x Norwegian Trash

Local initiatives. One big problem.

We have partnered with Norwegian Trash and Nordic Ocean Watch to create value from waste and start opening up the dialogue about alternative uses for ocean plastic. Since 2014, Nordic Ocean Watch has collected and sorted over 5.5 tonnes of trash from Hoddevik which Norwegian Trash uses to create unique and beautiful furniture and lifestyle products.

To learn more about each of these incredible companies, or find out how you can get involved and support their fight against plastic pollution, get connected below.

Norwegian Trash

Nordic Ocean Watch

The Project

Ever since Norwegian Trash cropped up on our radar, we knew we wanted to get involved. Creating a bag may be out of the question (for now), but phone cases were not. 

Each Db x Norwegian Trash phone case is made up of a unique blend of 50% disregarded fishing gear, 30% hand-picked ocean plastic and 20% white and transparent trash cleared from central Oslo. The plastic is collected and sorted by Nordic Ocean Watch and then shredded by Norwegian Trash before being manually molded and finished by a member of the NT team in Oslo. 

Every case is truly unique in its pattern and colors. They get their base color mostly from green fishing nets, but this can vary from blue to yellow depending on the blend.

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Small Steps

We know that a phone case is a small initiative compared to the size of the problem with ocean plastic, however, they’re more than just a step in the right direction. By utilizing marine litter for creative initiatives like this, we’re putting trash higher up the value chain. Showcasing litter as a valuable resource acts as an incentive to repurpose it rather than letting it go to landfill and end up in nature. 

These cases act as tiny, mighty conversation starters. Their unique designs are eye-catching and if each one just sparks a single ‘hey, that’s different - what’s it made from?’ chat in a cafe or bar, then they’ve done their job.


We fundamentally believe that plastic should be repurposed at every opportunity, which is why we’re setting up a case recycle base at Db HQ. When you’re done with your phone case, don’t even think about trashing it. Just send it back to us in Oslo so we can return to Norwegian Trash who’ll be able to create something beautiful from it once again.

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