Professional Skier

Date of birth
1 February 1991

Tromsø, Norway

Nikolai Schirmer is a Norwegian skier, lawyer, filmmaker, environmentalist and humble daredevil. Almost exclusively from the mountains near his home in Tromso (so as to reduce his CO2 emissions), Nikolai has mastered the tightrope walk of making POV ski videos that are appealing to the core while remaining entertaining to non-skiers. Something about Niko’s understated demeanor and alpha male actions keeps his fans glued to the screen and terrified for his safety, with comment sections littered with notes like, “can’t understand why these don’t have a million views!” It's only a matter of time.

Career Highlights

1. Downdays European Skier of the year 2019

2. “Schirmer in the Field” 2018

3. “Endless winter” 2019

Niko's Favorite Db Gear

"The Djärv Snowroller is the one ski bag that doesn’t sag, and rolls into a tight little cinnabun / snail when you’re not using it. Plus you can hook up all your other bags to it to make a baggage snake."

- Nikolai Schirmer

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