Professional Snowboarder

Date of birth
25 April 1999

Dombås, Norway

When you ask snowboarders about Marcus Kleveland, the most consistent praise thrown his way is originality. He’s a trailblazer. Gifted with the ability to look past what’s been done and focus on what’s possible (plus a trampoline to practice the spins and flips), Marcus accomplished more before he was 20 than most pros dream of in their whole careers, including an X-Games gold thanks to a first-ever Quad Cork in competition. His creativity in the form of never-been-dones and viral butter tricks have made him one of the most emulated snowboarders in the world. And we get the feeling he’s only just getting started.

Career Highlights

1. Gold medal Slopestyle - Winter X Games (2017)

2. Gold medal Slopestyle - Winter X Games (2018)

3. Gold medal Big Air - Winter X Games (2021)

Marcus' Favorite Db Gear

“The Snow Roller Pro and the hook-up system really makes my life easier. I love that it's possible to walk as a normal person with a lot of gear.”

- Marcus Kleveland

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