Date of birth
September 20th, 1995

Place of birth
Berkeley, California


Luis is someone who came through our ambassador program. The ambassador program was set up to let creatives, both established and aspiring, be supported by Db. It is what you make of it - sure, free bags are cool, but it’s what you do with them that makes for the real story. Since day one, whenever we sent Luis bags, he would always send a thank you and go tagging away on social media, taking all of us in the office on every one of his adventures as a result. The relationship grew from there.

We’ve been delighted to watch his ride. He’s gone from filming a couple of friends at Diamond Peak in Tahoe, pulling together quick, scrappy edits in his evenings to being on the road with the Burton team, shooting the best riders in the world. He’s even been shooting the Mine 77 collection - a range dedicated to Jake Burton Carpenter. This is just the start and we’re so excited what the future holds for him from here.

Luis's Favorite Db Gear

“I spend a lot of days shooting with Lj Henriquez. He’s one of the Burton kids who is also another young black kid in snowboarding which is awesome to spend time together, mentor and lean on each other.”

- Luis Medearis

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