Create your own luck

Our first collection was all about color, and the story behind Marcelo’s love of purple. This second collection takes the concept further and was built from the need to create something new based on a problem Marcelo had. This installment of Db x Marcelo Vieira features nine products, each designed for short trips, in an all-black colorway with just a kiss of good-luck purple. If you find luck hard to create, just borrow a bit of Marcelo’s.

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Introducing The Tillägg Travel Organizer

We’re proud to partner once again with one of the greats of the game, Marcelo Vieira for his first signature product. Marcelo has spent his career traveling from game to game and country to country, perfecting his routines and pre-match rituals along the way. Talent he has always had in spades, but a bag that can handle his pre-game essentials is what’s been lacking. So, with his design input - we made one.

Discover The Tillägg Travel Organizer below.

Designing The Tillägg Travel Organizer

The insight came from Marcelo himself. He told us how he liked to travel and had specific requirements for a match bag; it had to be big enough to carry his iPad, toiletries and tickets, but compact enough to ensure it still felt like something you could use as a daily. Together, we identified all the pain points of traveling, regardless as to whether it was a trip across the city, a long haul flight, or getting to a training session. Our learnings lead to the Tillägg Travel Organizer.

After one of the early calls with Marcelo, we looked around our product suite and knew no pre-existing Db bag was going to meet his requirements to a tee, so our design team started making a prototype in the office for something new and purpose-built.

Once the D&D team were happy with the prototype, it got packed off to Madrid for Marcelo to put through its paces. He was meticulous with his testing - packing and repacking, taking it to training, asking questions like ‘does it comfortably take an iPad?’, quizzing the features - examining the size and passing round to his teammates to get their feedback.

The exterior of the Tillägg Travel Organizer tells one story, but the interior tells ten others. We worked with Brazilian artist and friend of Marcleo’s, Pedro Jardim, to create an artwork of ten icons. The pattern features a VW Beetle steering wheel with a view of Rio, a whistle, the date 1988, his kids, his wife, his dogs, the Db court from our first collaboration, four Champions League trophies, a FIFA Best trophy and a music note. Each drawing is an element that makes the best left-back in the world who he is, and gives you a more personal connection to one of football’s greats.

The Tillägg Travel Organizer is the ultimate pre-game bag. Whether your ‘game’ is going to the Champions League Finals, a training session, a short trip across town, or a long-haul flight - you can tweak the Tillägg Travel Organizer’s functionality to suit your needs and create your own luck, just like Marcelo.

“It’s the people, places and things that have made me Marcelo. Routines are the things that give me luck and I’ve collected all of my knowledge in my bag.”

- Marcelo Vieira