#1: Hugger Backpack 30L

In 2023, one Hugger was sold every 10 minutes making it our best-selling Backpack ever. 

Fun fact
Over the years, we have released about 28 different colorways and one person in Norway has collected them all (apart from Truls).  Rumour has it you’ll meet them in January along with one of the most requested Huggers of all time. Nothing like kicking off 2024 with a bang. 

Community Q&A
What was the longest trip you took with the Hugger Backpack this year?

- I went from Norway to Thailand with stops in India, Spain and Sweden.
- I did eight weeks offshore on a boat. Six weeks of what was spent underwater. 
-I took mine on my trip around the world this year.

#2: Ramverk Backpack

There was a fine line between the 21L and 26L, so they both secured second place in our bestsellers list. The sleek design and array of internal features make Ramverk Backpacks the perfect companions for your daily adventures.

Fun fact
Known as the Swiss army knife of our family of backpacks, Ramverk backpacks are one of our most versatile products. As well as being the pack of choice for photographers and filmmakers, we also made a medic version which you’ll see on the hill this winter at major events.

Community Q&A
How many photoshoots did you take your Ramverk Backpack backpack to?
- 289 photoshoots
- Legit every single time
- Used for 45 days straight. Went to volcanos, beaches, ships, planes and rain forests.

#3: Snow Roller
Pro 127L

It was no surprise that the Snow Roller Pro made the podium this year. It's the world's first length-adjustable, compressible, rib-protected ski and snowboard bag, and this year we made it even bigger, longer, and deeper. 

Fun fact
The top speed ever recorded riding a Snow Roller hooked up to 60L Hugger was 28.3km/h by Jesper Tjader in Saas Fee. Marcus Kleveland clocked 27.1km/h and got second place. The heaviest Hook-up™️ contained five Snow Rollers, five Hugger 60Ls, and four Backpacks. The weight was 315 kg and was pulled with one hand, coffee in the other. So yes, the setup is worth the hype. If anyone knows the folks at Guiness Book of Records we need to have a word. 

Community Q&A
Have you ever used The Snow Roller as a sleeping bag at least once?
- Actually yes. And I was sober
- No, but I will use this idea for new years eve!
- Hehe yes, more than once actually.

Beyond the Podium

While the top three take the spotlight, our adventure-loving community has spoken, and we're excited to unveil the rest of your favorites. Behold our top 20 most sought-after products, carefully curated to elevate your journeys.

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