Concrete Dice.
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Our first colorway exclusively made for Db Black.

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What the naked eye reads as pretty random, can in fact be both. Pretty. Random.

4% Orange.
15% White.
80% Grey.

Concrete Dice is the exploration of the grey space between intention and randomness.

Here, grey space is directly translated onto the waxed canvas, colliding with block white panels of ripstop unapologetically imposing themselves onto the main silhouette. This contrast in both material and colour is dominant enough to hint an illusion of negative space.

A humble nod to modular structures. Tetris nostalgia. Formations linked together by orange detailing, serving as a guiding path. The contradicting forces of intention and randomness results in a game-like interplay between two giants. 

We just rolled the dice and left the last 1% to chance.

The Concrete Dice.

Behind the scenes.

24 hours stuck between pretty and random.

The deconstructed Concrete Dice receipt:

30 x 3mm 1.5m steel rods

4 x 1x1.2m perforated steel plates

1 x glue gun and a bunch of glue

1 x scalpel

1 x textile scissors

3 x rolls double sided tape

2 x superglue 

2 x rolls of duct tape

1 x bolt shears

3 x pizzas

1 x 1kg Swedish candy

6 x beers

Pay the above.

Grab some friends. 

Make something. 

Post-rationalise why you made it.