Feel at home Ænywear™

Ænywear™ is a new category of products representing a generational shift on living, lifestyle, work, consumption and mobility. It values ease over status, fluidity over structure, blurred contexts over codified dress environments, and comfort over anything. Products to help you feel at home Ænywear.

Ænywear™ Design Principles

Ænywear™ Design Principles

Ænywear™ Design Principles

Where our bags have intricate systems, Ænywear™️ is simple. It’s minimalistic, understated and leans into Scandinavian fashion rather than performance or function. We’ve gone against our own grain - turning our heads from the lure of technical outerwear, and have been swayed by the complexity of simplicity.

Ænywear™️ allows you to go anywhere, with anyone and be anything you want. It’s the next step in our generational uniform. It allows you to look put together even after an all-nighter. It welcomes the edit suite, the after-work drinks, the first date, the uni halls, the weekend off-grid, the long haul flight and the domestic staycation. It's designed to be lived in, how you do that is up to you.

Traditionally, garments can morph from boxy, statement aesthetics to shapeless pieces in a few wears or washes. Ænywear™️ is made from a pre-washed heavyweight organic cotton which gives a purposeful, oversized fit and cut from a heavy falling cloth that always holds its structure.

It was important to us that Ænywear™️ was genderless, and we mean truly genderless - not just mens sizes that had been reduced enough to fit the female frame. Our aim has been to get the fit and quality of Ænywear™️ right, so that it works on anybody and everybody.

Things have changed

Work used to be in an office. Now, for most of us work is cloud-based. Remote working is no longer a niche, it’s a norm and more than ever we are aware of the importance of a healthy work/life balance. Our homes are no longer just physical places - home is a sense we can experience in multiple locations, and as such we need wear that supports this multi-context, hard-to-label, life on the move.

Our Manifesto