When greatness becomes reality.
There is a certain excitement you have when you get the opportunity to watch one of the greats. When Michael Jordan came back after retirement to win another 3 NBA titles the value of those tickets to watch his royal airness went through the roof. You knew that you were watching something likely to never happen again. That level of success and elevating the team around you is something you don’t see everyday so when its there, grasp the opportunity and bask in its greatness.

Today we have that opportunity to celebrate once again. One of the Db family, the one and only Marcelo became the most decorated player of all time with Los Blancos after the 4-0 win against Espanyol on the weekend. After wining the Super Copa in January ’22 he was tied with Paco Gento on 23 trophies each but with this win he made it into the Real Madrid history books with 24 titles. For 16 years with the club that is some haul.

Players will come and go, stars will rise and fall but those players who form the lifeblood of the club, who become the building blocks for the future these are the ones who the fans will remember fondly for decades to come. As the on pitch captain and one of the clubs greatest left backs Marcelo has time and again been known for his game. Assists in crucial champions league games, memorable goals and of course that touch he possesses. That control. He’s done it all. However it was in the quarter final against Chelsea that you really saw the value above any touch or skill. With Real Madrid 3-0 at home you would be forgiven for thinking “why bring on a left back” but Ancelotti knows the strength of leadership that Marcelo brings to the team. The tackle and pass to Luka Modric for ‘that’ assist was one thing but also the way he is able to take the rest of his team up any 5% individual quickly adds up to a huge advantage in the game. Keeping their head in the game, to keep focused on their own strategy, this is what a great leader brings to the beautiful game and for that we’re thankful to be watching a chapter of greatness unfold before our eyes.

We’re extremely happy to have Marcelo on this journey with us and last weeks launch event at La Marca Well was another building block in what is quickly becoming one of footballs most exciting partnerships. Sign up here for details of the upcoming Db x Marcelo Vieira edition including the launch of his own essential travel organiser.