What a few weeks it has been for us at Db. We are overwhelmed with the amount of images that have been submitted and finding the winners have not been easy. For all of you’ve who are late to the party: Ahead of our Limited Edition Db x Chris Burkard launch we’ve hosted a photo competition with our friend and ambassador Chris Burkard with the theme “The Creative Outdoors”.

The creative outdoors is all about seeing, being and appreciating the outdoors in a creative and inspiring way. Journeying, learning and playing while being in sync with the surrounding.

We have now selected 3 winners. 1 with the help of our friends at CameraNu, 1 selected by Burkard himself and us, and one selected by all of you.

Introducing the winners:

Db x Burkard winner:

Romano Salis

The story behind the shot: Fiamma (in englisch flame) is a famouse Rock needle in my homevalley. As mountain guides, the guy on the picture and I climb it often. I knew Lukas was able to do the handstand well and I had this idea to take a picture with him on this exposed needle. It wasn't an easy task and we needed to try it a couple of times. This picture was our happy result.

The CameraNu winner:

Jacob Webster

The story behind the shot: I was visiting my old home of Anna Maria Island, Florida after my Father suffered a stroke. I went out to Bean Point on the tip of the Island that connects Tampa Bay to the Gulf of Mexico. I sent my drone up and discovered a massive super pod of cow-nose stingrays just off the shore. My father and I paddled our kayak into the frenzy and captured this amazing image.

The Public vote winner:

Luca Martini

The story behind the shot: After years of instagram stories and Chris Burkard posts i finally got to travel to Iceland in may this year to do the ring road and see all the wonders of the island. About halfway through the trip we were driving along route 76 when in the distance I saw this wonderful orange lighthouse surrounded by greenery with a majestic horizon over the ocean. Sauðanesviti is one of the northernmost lighthouses on the island.

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