Say hello to Sage Erickson and Alana Spencer
If you have followed Db for a while, neither of these faces will be strangers. We have worked with both Sage and Alana for several years now and consider them part of the family. We’ve actually just got back from shooting our SS campaign video in LA and Palm Springs with them. 

If you don’t know much about either of their accolades, let us fill you in. Sage is a weapon of a competitor. When she’s not in the water, she’s at the gym or to-and-froing between sponsorship meetings. She sees surfing as her 9-5 and a craft you have to continually have to work at in order to perfect, which is probably why she can count two Vans US Open wins to her collection of titles. The Ventura-dwelling California girl uses her downtime at home to sharpen her boards, body and mind for competition, and was actually instrumental in the development of our Djärv board bags. 

Alana is the mastermind behind photography collective Coconut Comradery and Slowtide towels which she runs with her husband. When she’s not on tour with Sage or shooting client campaigns for the likes of Billabong, Nike and Patagonia (to name just a few), you’ll find her at home in Oahu, Hawaii. The ocean is her muse, her office and her space to unwind and she credits it to being the catalyst for her friendship with Alana, saying in a previous interview our friendship began in the ocean and will always revolve around it . She is renowned for capturing intimate moments of her subjects completely engulfed and at one with the nature around them. 

Can’t wait to see where the water will take you next!