LA stories with @lifeof_riley
If you combine indescribable attractiveness with a huge sense of humor and an old Leica, you have him right there, let us introduce world traveler & Hollywood stuntman: Riley Harper.

When not riding bikes, thinking about riding bikes, building old bikes, working on bikes, surfing, camping, working, hiking with his dogs or traveling the world, Riley Harper roams the avenues of Los Angeles. Keep scrolling to find his best hidden gems in the city of angels.

Best Pizza
Pizzeria Mozza in Hollywood. The most authentic Italian style pizzas by celebrity chef Nancy Silverton.

Best Coffee
10 speed coffee Calabasas or Santa Monica. All coffee is roasted in house and it’s just the best coffee around!

Best Breakfast
There is a little place in a random town called Encino named More than waffles that has the best Belgium waffles ever.

Best Thursday Dinner
Sushi! Sugarfish or Hanami are my go-to spots cuz the quality is just insane.

And then there is a few more, The Old Place Restaurant, Malibu Farm, hiking at Will Rodgers state park ad Calabasas Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. Coffee at Menotti's in Venice, there’s a secret menu on the back of the picture frame on the wall, on that menu you will find a “Caffe Rico”... order it. Trust me. Motorcycle or care rides on Piuma road, sunset at “Stunt road”. And all the other ones I’m keeping to myself ;)

“Having the right gear makes the journey just
as much a pleasure as the destination itself.”

- Riley Harper, @lifeof_riley