How to master the art of movement with @aaronbhall
There are few photographers in the world with the ability to capture speed the way Aaron Brimhall does. His gritty sweat-stained images have become legendary, and his dynamic approach to adventure and photography have created a very powerful body of work.

Whether it's dangling out back of a van or surfing his bike through the middle of the freeway, he will do just about anything to get the shot. Always on the move and deep in the middle of the action, there's no telling what hell-raising journey he'll be headed out on next.

If you aren't already following this guy's Instagram feed, do so now (@aaronbhall). You're welcome. Now, to the question that most of us have been waiting for. Mr Brimhall, can you pretty please tell us 4 ingredients in your magic-motion-recipe?

Trusty steed
First, get yourself a trusty lad who can drive a car or a motorcycle smooth enough to let you hang your delicate body 2 inches off the ground.

Steady hands
Make sure you DO NOT have low blood sugar when shooting because your hands will shake and you will not be able to get anything in focus. When I’m shooting I love to have motion in the picture. It makes it feel as if you’re there. Usually what I’ll do is shoot between 40-100th of a second and depending on light I’ll throw a ND filter on there so I can keep the photo’s highlights not blown out.

Location, location, location. I find it very critical to find the right type of location to shoot in. And this is usually the biggest and hardest part for me as finding a good solid area to shoot in. This isn’t the best tip ever but it’s just something that is crucial when shooting good photos.

5 quick questions

How has travel influenced your photography?
To be honest it's been all the amazing people I have met. It sounds cheesy, but the people who just keep believing in you makes you work harder and progress easier in a way. It's been really cool to travel other places and see your work on billboards in different countries or in retail stores. I am incredibly thankful for everyone who has believed in me.

What gets you out of bed every morning?
Currently my two baby girls who were born in August.

When did you get into photography and what does it mean to you?
It came pretty natural as I've been snowboarding my whole life. My friends and I would always have a camera in our hands while we were up in the mountains and I didn't really think anything of it until social media hit. My wife was a huge supporter as well.

Favorite place to travel to?
Definitely Bali. I know that place so well and the people there are so amazing. It's really played out at the moment but I still love it.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to get the shot?
For some reason I trust my friends way too much, but whenever I seem to be doing something with motorcycles and wheelies - I lay on the ground and have them wheelie right next to me going really fast. Thanks for not killing me friends lol.