Christa Funk

The Photography line up and hierarchy at pipeline is a really complex system. It’s about seniority and just how much time you put in. Christa is at the top of the charts when it comes to that.”

- Sam Moody

Christa heralds from Colorado and ended up in Hawaii through her work in the US Coastguard. She'd be away for three months, and return to port in Hawaii for three months and during that break would use surf photography as a form of downtime. It wasn’t long before she realised her time at the Coastguard was limited and she didn’t see it holding her for the rest of her career, whereas photography did. She left and pursued becoming a full-time freelance photographer, quickly making a name for herself on the North Shore. The fact she has climbed the ladder so quickly in terms of big wave photography is nothing short of impressive. Asides from it being a male dominated industry, shooting surf isn't one of those things you can just 'get lucky' at. It requires hard work, dedication to getting out in the water and a seriously strong swimming ability. Thankfully, Christa has all three of those things in spades which is why she is leading the charge from the front.

Episode three of Pack Heavy, Chase Light whisks Sam off to Hawaii for all of 12 hours. He and Christa waste no time getting into it, and talk all things housing to what she really thinks of influencers.

“For me, Pack Heavy, Chase Light is that bubbling adventure feeling you get when your trip is set, where you think ‘wow, I’m actually going to do this’.”

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