Ambassador Hacks On How To Do Travel Better

All of DB’s Ambassadors have spent the better part of their lives on the road. Whether it’s travelling for waves, adventure, gold medals, imagery, powder or enlightenment, athletes like Pacha Light, Kepa Acero, Jordy Smith and Sage Kotsenburg have logged more air miles than 99 per cent of mere mortals on our planet. And with experience comes knowledge. And air miles. We asked them to share their hacks, tips, and tricks on how to do travel better. 

Have a List and Pack
You have to pack quickly and efficiently,” says Jordy Smith. “I swear the longer it takes, the more important items you’ll forget.” After 20 years on the road, Jordy has got his packing time, from scratch, down to ten minutes max. “The key to that is having an internal mental packing list that I check off. It goes, in order, passports, computers and chargers, fin system, then boards, wetsuits and finally clothes.

Dial Down On The Clothes

Speaking of clothes, one of the key tips that all our veteran globe trotters proposed was not to pack too many. “I think the most common packing mistake is that people pack too many clothes,” says surf explorer to the stars Kepa Acero. “Try to take clothes that don’t show the dirt and dust, and I take two pairs of shoes max - a sturdy desert boot and a pair of sandals will cover all situations." "How many times have you got home and unpacked clothes you've never worn?" Asked Jordy. "That's a massive waste of space."

Fighting Jet Lag
Almost all surveyed athletes and ambassadors use melatonin, a natural hormone that the body produces to regulate the sleep-wake cycle, as a means of fighting jet lag. “I always try and stay awake that first full day, no matter what,” said Pacha Light, the Equadorian-Australian surfer with a thirst for adventure. “Then if I can’t sleep during the night I’ll dose up on melatonin. I’ll use that as much as I can, then slowly wean myself off it as I adjust to the timezone.”

Write It All Down

“I think writing a journal is a really great practice, especially on your travels,” said Light. “While images and videos capture a time in your life, writing down the experiences captures the feelings and emotions, both good and bad. Rereading those later can be powerful.” Her must-have pack list includes a GoPro, reusable water bottle, scarf (for style, warmth and as a power-nap pillow), and notebook and pen for those journals.

Coffee Makers and Ukuleles
Kepa Acero has surfed as far north in the Arctic Circle and as south as humanly possible at the tip of Terra del Fuego. He’s traversed every African country’s coast and was once trapped in quicksand in Alaska. He likes to do travel the hard way. And yet, he still needs a little luxury in his life. “I travel with a portable, manually operated, coffee maker that doesn’t need a battery or electricity. I tried travelling without it, and life was unbearable,” said Kepa. For Pacha Light, a ukulele is her random, must-have. “It’s small enough to not be a pain to carry and has kept me entertained endlessly on the road. Though I’m not so sure of my fellow travellers would say the same.”

It’s really important to me to have a natural remedy that can keep up with my lifestyle,” the surfer, vegan and iconic snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg said. “I travel a lot, and push it hard when I get to the mountain especially. That’s why CBD is a big part of my everyday routine, at home or on the road. ” Sage said that sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your body, and CBD helps with that too. “I look for natural, organic methods to help my healing process. CBD is a natural supplement that your body can easily take in and place where needed.”

You Gotta Roll With It
“Travelling can be a drag,” said Jordy Smith. “When you are at the mercy of the airlines and weather patterns, there's usually nothing you can do about delays or changes. Blowing up or being angry just doesn’t work. Being nice often will result in a better outcome. Travelling comes with its ups and downs and that is all part of the deal. The better you roll with both, the better experience you will have.”