Come See First Hand an Ecological Miracle

The transformation of Costa Rica has been called the most remarkable ecological turnaround on Earth. By the mid-1980s logging had reduced the forest cover to 25%. Now, forests occupy 57%, with its national park or private reserves protecting 4%, or 500,00, of the world’s animal species. How’d they, do it? A two-pronged attack by the government saw a ban on deforestation linked with a payment system to farmers to protect watersheds and conserve biodiversity. The icing on the cake was that the whole deal was paid for by a tax on fossil fuels. The country’s respect for nature, and success in keeping it, has led to a booming ecotourism sector. Even if it didn’t have incredible waves (which we’ll get too next), it’s a bucket list destination that has shown what a nation is capable of when nature is put first.

Every Type of Wave for Every type of Surfer

From sponsored shredder, and mid-length maverick to a learning longboarder, Costa Rica’s four main regions offer everytype of wave for every type of ability. While the Caribbean and North, Central, and Southern Pacific regions all have one showstopping, world-class wave (more on those later), it is the variety that makes Costa Rica one of the great one-size-fits-all surf destinations on Earth. Surfers can decide between punchy hollow waves cracking on volcanic black sand, easy peelers sparkling over squeaky white beaches, or craggy reefs offering options for gnarly slab hunters and cruisy twin fun punters.

Two Seasons, Two Coasts, Year-Round Fun

Instead of planning a surf trip around a country’s surf seasons, let Costa Rica deal with your busy schedule. With two coasts and two different surf seasons, it’s a country that provides 365 days of fun, rippable waves. The dry season that runs from December to April is the best bet for the North Pacific wave region. Consistent offshore breezes and on-tap swell light up the best breaks like Witches Rock, Playa Negra, and Playa Grande. This time of year is also prime season for the Southern Caribbean coast at spots like Salsa Brava and Playa Cocles. TheCentral and Southern Pacific Coasts enjoy southerly swells that push through the South Pacific between May and November. Simply choose the time of year that suits you, and Costa Rica will do the rest

If we are talking about surfing in Costa Rica, and we are, we must talk about Pavones. This rivermouth left has been described as not only the longest, and best, lefthander in Costa Rica but perhaps in all the world. So how long is long? Well, legendary windsurfer Robbie Naish was filmed riding a single wave for 2 minutes 15 seconds, which saw him travel over a
kilometre (at an average speed of 27 km/h). Located on the Southern Pacific coast, near the Panama border, the wave wraps down a protected, rocky point. The faster outside section suits the more advanced surfers, while the inside wave is more user-friendly.

The laid-back fishing-turned-surfing village of Pavones is small, and remote, surrounded by lush rainforest filled with diverse wildlife. Such is its authentic, underdeveloped nature it has been labelled one of Costa Rica’s last true paradises. If you are a surfer (or want to be one), there might be no better place on Earth to travel.

It's Not All About Surfing (even though it is...)
Political stability, clean water, and efficient medical and transport infrastructure security aren’t exactly sexy search engine holiday topics, but they sure do make for a smoother time abroad. Costa Rica ranks as awesome on all of these. In 2022 the World Database of Happiness collated surveys from 148 nations and had Costa Rica taking the top spot for both Average Happiness and Happy Life Years. And while the surfing is incredible, so is the white-water rafting, fishing, diving, and snorkelling. Away from the coast, the colonial cities of Heredia, Alajuela, and Cartago are full of pastel colours and vibrant nightlife. The country’s volcanoes provide relaxing hot spring experiences, and the people are famously friendly. I mean we could go on... except it's time to book a trip there.

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