Worried and stressed passengers

There's one thing I have never understood whilst traveling.

Well, there’s plenty of things but one that I am every time without fail left dumbfounded by. You know the condition. It's the ASTers. The added stress travelers. Traveling on its own at times can be quite stressful especially if it's a long trip or you’re traveling with kids or even worse negotiating a hangover. But for this group of travelers they can’t get enough and so it usually goes a bit like this….:

“Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to London”

Ah the reassuring tone that within the hour I’ll have a cup of English breakfast tea in hand and ready to take on the world.

“Please stay seated until the aircraft stops at the gate and the doors are ready for disembarking” and with that the plane jolts to a stop at the gate. 

Within seconds the aisle is full with people. ASTers Carrying bags, grasping for headphones, neck pillows and snacks and reaching overhead for an unwieldy piece of luggage.

Each and every time they do this but each and every time there is no where to go. The only thing left to do is jostle for ground against multiple other eager travelers all for whom being sandwiched against other travelers seems like their version of a good time.

After all, for these folks traveling to London the chances are thanks to Brexit they will rush off the plane and straight into some ungodly line whilst the immigration team grapple with the various new regulations for those arriving into our once European island.

My wife has been guilty of this numerous times. Plane stops, up she jumps, starts grabbing bags and kids before getting annoyed by my general disdain for speed in this process. I love nothing more than going with the flow whilst traveling. Being as prepared as I can and much like a British George Clooney in up in the air I breeze through security with my world organized. From security onwards I flow like water. As long as it's on time I’m here for the ride. Even if it’s not, why get stressed, what I am going to do? Jump in the cockpit and fly faster? Nope, thought not.

Travelling can be one of the most stressful or relaxing things to do. It just depends on which way you would like to see the world. I know how I see mine. Through a window seat, headphones on and wifi off. And definitely not with the Added Stress Travellers.


Written by: Jonathan Weaver