Tugging at the Velcro
Getting started isn’t always so easy. There’s a certain discipline, a mindset that’s required, not to mention a considerable amount of physical and mental effort. Whether it’s the first push when you drop your skateboard down to the sidewalk, or the first sentence on a long overdue letter home, starting from static requires energy. 

The past two years have slowed everyone down, many to a literal standstill. Picking things back up, getting back to where we left off might not be smooth either. Right now, it feels like tearing Velcro apart. There’s a noticeable resistance, a holding on. The detritus of international travel restrictions clinging to your boots, making even the simplest of plans feel like wading through mud.

But momentum is earned, and hard won. We do it, because we need to move, to see, to find out for ourselves. As the Velcro starts to come apart, we gain more leverage. It gets easier. That initial effort is rewarded with a compound interest far higher than any elite hedge-fund managed in the city. 

With the velcro separated, freedom is realized. We head into the frontiers of yesterday’s limits with a renewed enthusiasm. A kind of bravery - one that sees the oppression of red tape and travel challenges, but forges ahead anyway, like it’s just another dish to put away after dinner. 

As we pull on our shoes, we can start to wander further from the front door than we have been. Feeling new terrain underfoot, regaining our momentum, crossing continents in our creative endeavors. And it’s not just about leaning back into travel, but wriggling out from under the net of permission and the loss of autonomy. 

The listless wait is over. It’s time to start tugging at that Velcro…