The Silent Send
It’s my pleasure to introduce this unsuspecting alpha male.

Nikolai Schirmer is a Norwegian skier, lawyer, filmmaker and humble wacko. I’ve worked with him on various projects over the years and he’s kinda become my man crush.

His latest Youtube series is called Corona Diaries, and it follows the classic Schirmer Playbook:

1. Meet my adventure buddies who are equally daring and accomplished.

2. Learn about this stunning mountain range we’re about to summit.

3. “It looks too dangerous. We probably should not do it."

4. “JK here I go!"

5. Triumph (or failure).

6. Gratitude for the adventure, life, friends, grouse, etc.

I’m not a skier and I eat it up. Something about Niko’s understated demeanor and alpha male actions keep me glued to the screen and terrified for his safety. You can tell that others feel the same, his comment sections littered with cult fans who “can’t understand why these don’t have a million views!”

I don’t get it either. Maybe it’s because he’s hidden in his home mountains in Tromso. Maybe people are too nervous that he might actually fall and hurt himself one of these days. Maybe he’s too humble. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because people like you don’t know about him yet.

Well, now you do. Enjoy.