Postcard from Spain
New week, new photoshoot on the books. This one was taking place in San Sebastian and Bilbao in Spain. The goal of this trip was to take photos and videos of the new Mid Length Surfboard Bag, spend a day in the Pukas studio to create some gifs and ads, and take one day to get the content that we need for the new Db Essential products. 

The team (Hallvard - the photographer, William - the Junior Art Director, Maria - Project Manager, and I - Community Manager), had high expectations about Spain and we were all very excited to go spend a week in the Basque country. To say our expectations were reached would be an understatement. Basque country has something special. I am still not sure if it’s the people, the food, the ocean or the mix of everything that makes it so full of life, but if you haven’t been there yet, you should definitely go. 

Day one was spent together with Ainara Aymat and Kepa Acero, our surfer friend from Basque country. Working with them was amazing. No-one was in a rush, we were all doing our best to get the shots, and we didn’t hesitate to have longer breaks than we usually would - almost siestas, but we’ll leave that for the next time. 

It’s always tricky when you want to take photos that will show the “on the move” vibes, but as Kepa and Ainara both travel to different surf spots on a weekly basis, they managed to tap into past experiences and do some very convincing acting. The results were photos that really looked like they were getting ready for a trip ahead. 

One thing I find fascinating working with William, is that he is always able to find the best shoot locations just using Google Maps. I never 100% believe him when he calls me over to look at his screen and says “this stairs with the plato, and this bridge will be great to take photos at”. To me, it looks like any street view but I must admit that he always nails it. 

Day two we visited Pukas Studio, which is basically a warehouse, office, and studio in one. From the moment we said hi to the team, we whispered to each other “they are so nice!”. We settled in, took some meetings on the stands between hundreds of surfboards, and went straight to work. It was one of those days where you feel more energized at the end than you were at the beginning. Working together with the team from Pukas was simply amazing. If you don’t know who they are, you should definitely check them [here].

Day three took place in Bilbao, where we met Ainara and her friend Diego. Arriving in the city, driving across the bridge while looking at the Guggenheim museum at sunrise was (this will sound very cliche) beautiful. We went to five locations William and Hallvard found on Google Maps, took great pictures and video, had an amazing lunch and finished the day at the sushi restaurant where they ran out of rice. 

On the last day, Hallvard drove to Bilbao super early to pick up Sam Moody as they were filming an episode of Pack Heavy -> Chase Light with Ainara. William, Maria, and I spent time in Bilbao. We visited the Guggenheim museum and had our last pinchos in the sun, and I got my head down to write this postcard to you all before I board my flight. 

Thank you Kepa, Ainara, the Pukas team, and Diego for an amazing trip. It was all work but even more play. Until next time! 



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