Magical Retailism
Do you believe in magic? (Yeah, but only in moderation.)

Don’t get me wrong, the internet is magic.
Ask a question, any question, and have the answer in a blink. With a couple of clicks you can make anything appear on your doorstep. Poof! Abracadabra. Ta-daaa.

But while the internet can feel like magic, as in — how the hell does this actually work, why can’t I Iook away, and am I in a trance? — the specialty retailers of the world feel magical. Wondrous. Enchanting. The surf, ski, snowboard and outdoor stores curate their offerings based on domain and location expertise to create a true experience, one that engages four more senses than even the best e-commerce site possibly could.

Db owes much of its success to magic, but this week, I was proud to see us encourage the magical, launching our new Brightside Yellow range exclusively with retail partners. These are the people and businesses that keep core cultures alive, and if we don’t support them, and stoke the fire that heats our passions, we might just find ourselves in a straight jacket with a magician that can’t seem to find the key.