I forgot my headphones and my flight got cancelled
As you might have heard, we spent last week in London working on the Db x Chris Burkard event. This blog post isn’t about the event, but if you want the low down you can read all about it here, this is my short story about getting to London and back. Not all travel is simple.
Mishap #1

I was driving from my home in Ljubljana to the airport, when I realized that I forgot my noise-canceling headphones, and with two flights to London, I was pretty bummed. I had to stick with my version 1 AirPods, which sadly didn’t come with any noise cancellation. Of course, my flight had a very upset toddler, and the engine was much louder than usual - but after a while I realized that sometimes in life you just have to accept the noise and roll with it. There will be days you forget your headphones, forget a charger or forget your puffy neck pillow, but sometimes you just need to refocus and enjoy the process of traveling somewhere new - even if it's not done in comfort.

Mishap #2

On my way back, I had to take two flights as well. London - Zurich and Zurich - Ljubljana. I had 40 minutes between my flights, which is usually no big deal. However, my first flight was delayed by 40 minutes, so obviously I wasn’t going to make my connection. I immediately got an SMS from Swissair to say that they had rebooked my flight and that now I have to fly to Frankfurt first, then to Ljubljana. Which meant I would be home 12 hours later than planned.

When I landed in Zurich, I then got an app update to say that my flight to Ljubljana was canceled, and that I would have to take the Frankfurt connection instead. 

I saw that there were some more people flying from London who were supposed to get on the same connecting flight, and they were all pretty angry and annoying. But there was a group of guys who didn’t care that much, and said that maybe there’s still this flight to Ljubljana and that they might run as fast as possible to the gate from where it was supposed to fly, and see whether they catch it. 

I was thinking the same thing, so as soon as we were out of the plane we started to run. The gate was pretty damn far away, so we had all given up in our heads, but somehow we kept running. We arrived at the gate and *boom*, there were still people there boarding. We made it. 

It felt like we won the Championship league, everyone was cheering and doing high fives. Even though the chances were so damn low for us to get on that flight, we saw again that you should always at least try.

Sometimes we can learn much more from traveling than we think. We ended up in Ljubljana 10 minutes before the expected time, and we all had a story to tell. And when I sat in the car, this song started playing on the radio.

Enjoy the journey.  - Tin