Follow The Leaper
Long before I started at Douchebags I discovered Benjamin Forthun on Instagram. I started following him. I liked what he posted and so Instagram showed me more. I liked all of those posts, too. And then I unfollowed him.

His life looked like too much fun. Infinite amounts of skiing, pointless shenanigans and diving off tall structures into water. So much cliff diving! So much delight! I’m just trying to get some work done over here, man. Too much FOMO. I had to cut myself off. Cold turkey. I’ve been Ben-free for a while now.

But recently I learned that Ben is part of the Db Fam, and thus, just a message away. So I caved and reached out. Just one question couldn’t hurt.

What’s your favorite thing about cliff diving? I asked.

“Standing high up and being a little bit scared,” he said, “and the feeling of flying through the air before smashing into the water. It feels pretty good. And I don’t think there’s anything better than diving into cold water on a hot day. You need to cool down.”

Sigh...I’m following him again.