Free Surfer

Date of birth
18 July 1993

Santa Cruz, California, USA

To have a surf career today is to compete, or influence, or vlog. Noah “Waggy” Wegrich is a rare exception, a throwback to simpler times when a freesurfer could make their living unbound by jerseys or the battery life of a GoPro. With self-produced films like Elude, and a willingness to search for good surf in chilly waters of Canada, Chile and Scotland, Waggy is a modern day freesurfer, and one we’re excited to be waving the Db flag near his home in Santa Cruz, and around the globe.

Career Highlights

1. Noah Waggy lives the good life traveling the globe and chasing down any surfing adventure that presents itself.

2. Threading barrels, sharp turns, massive airs.

3. Elude, Waggy's latest a short film by Morgan Massen.

Noah's Favorite Db Gear

“If James Bond were a surfer, these are definitely the board bags Q would make for him.”

- Noah Wegrich

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