Professional Photographer

Date of birth
17th April 1990

North Shore, Oahu, USA

Born and brought up on the North Shore of Oahu, what did Alana do when the entire surfing world converged on her home shores each winter? Well, it depends on the day. She either joined them in the water — reminding the pros what style and grace look like — or picked up her camera and captured the action with an intimacy and edge that's become her signature style. She's since taken her talents worldwide, and shares her adventures on her website,

Career Highlights

Alana has been shooting for International brands such as Billabong, Corona, Hurley, Nike, Oakley and many other.

Alana's Favorite Db Gear

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“The Essential 25L Tote is such a great bag. Being someone that loves organization, thoughtful design details, and wearing a lot of black, this piece blends all three elements into one great bag. I love that Db makes two sizes of it for whatever the adventure or occasion is that day.”

- Alana Spencer

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