Timothy Myers

Over the course of Timothy Myer's impressive career, he has witnessed and filmed an era of pandemics, wars in Syria, a Trump presidency, and that well-known incident at the Washington DC protests where both he and his journalist, Amelia Brace, were assaulted by riot police. As one of the most prominent freelance camera journalists of our time, he is the true embodiment of our Pack Heavy → Chase Light campaign.

"If you don't have dust in your camera, you're not doing your job right."

Our first episode of this new series sees us catch up with Timothy in LA. We we got the opportunity to talk to him all about a career that has been defined by the pursuit of the next human interest story, growing up skiing in Australia and how he manages to haul at least nine camera bags across the globe and back again, week after week.

"They say democracy dies in the darkness and journalism is what they're referring to there."

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