Sarah Meurle is a photographer and Skater based in Malmo, Sweden. She grew up in the Malmo skate scene, but moved away to Gothenburg to go to art school. She has always been interested in photography from a young age, but didn’t start merging her two passions - skate and creating - until much later on.

When she did, the result was incredible, as if you aren’t from a skating background yourself, shooting athletes, tricks and events is hard as you lack the specific technical knowledge. Sarah describes skating and photography both as ‘trial and error’ interests. You’re always following failures with success and vice versa, and always chasing to try something new.

It’s hard to define Sarah Meurle. To some, she is a professional photographer, to others - a professional skater but to us - she’s both. Sarah is one of those rare people you meet and just become transfixed by. She’s a professional skateboarder for Nike SB and WKND, and has recently joined Db as our first ever Skate ambassador.

“You tell your story through photography and art and it helps you to push through some things you couldn’t really talk about otherwise.”

Take Sarah off the board and put her in a dark room, and she shines just as bright. She came to photography a little later in life, as on her skate trips there would always be a paid photographer and she didn’t want to tread on anyone’s toes by picking up her camera.

Eventually, she picked up the camera, started snapping and the rest is history. Photography has given Sarah the opportunity to identify herself away from skate and the ability to express herself - something she doesn’t take for granted and bakes into her work wherever possible.

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