Alana Spencer

“Being a photographer has its perks because you get to hide behind the camera.”

Our latest episode of Pack Heavy, Chase Light sends Sam to Ventura for donuts and sees him meet up with Alana Spencer (and Sage Erickson - the two are rarely apart) along the way. Alana is an ocean photographer and the mastermind behind the Coconut Collective. She shoots everything from surf to fashion campaigns and has a distinguished, stylistic approach. She's currently working on a photography book that documents the people and lifestyle of the North Shore - the place she calls home when she's not travelling the world.

Her best friend, Sage Erickson, is a surfer and the two have formed an incredible partnership shooting together. They have known each other for 22 years, which means they know each other inside out. They're they perfect mirror of one another - except when it comes to packing. Alana prefers an OCD approach, while Sage prefers to 'stuff it all in and hope for the best'.

“There are so many unpredictabilities when you're travelling. My gear is the last thing I want to worry about.”


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