Josh Zucker

"He has no bad blood with photography, he just found a new love" - Sam Moody

If you have been in the photography world for a while, Josh Zucker is a name you'll be familiar with. He had a career that spanned over a decade, and shot with some of the biggest names in the music industry and skate world and has a collection of unseen portraits of artists like Frank Ocean he's 'not really sure what he'll do with'.

"Having a camera with me gave me a lot of opportunities to go up to someone I usually wouldn’t and put myself out there."

Photography may have given Josh confidence, but ceramics are where he found true freedom. One day, with nothing more concrete than just a 'really strong urge', Josh hung up his camera for good to sit at the wheel full time. It was a hugely pivotal moment for him - literally and metaphorically, and one he will never regret. This week's episode of Pack Heavy, Chase Light is all about taking that leap of faith and thinking 'F_ck it, may as well'.

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