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From being kicked out of school to helping Real Madrid hit over 300M followers across all its social channels. Proof that finding your interest is the key to success. 

Madrid-based Guzmán is the founder of The Crown Creators - a leading creative agency for athletes. Before The Crown Creators, he was based at Real Madrid in the social team and prior to that? GoPro. To say this guy has had a helluva life already would be an understatement.

“Even as a little kid, I struggled to find out who I was.”

Although you would look at Guzmán Colilla now and recognise him as a successful man, this wasn’t always the case for the Madrid-based entrepreneur. Yes, he has his own (very successful) agency now, and before that, yes - he was at two of the most revered brands in the world as part of their social team (GoPro and Real Madrid). But Guzmán says that honestly, success wasn’t something he has always grown up with. In fact, he was used to the opposite - he struggled at school and ‘wasn’t a good student’. 

In fact, it wasn’t until he attended the University of San Francisco and took a module in entrepreneurship under the watchful eye of The North Face Founder, Hap Klopp, that he figured out the key to unlocking his success, was to do something that *actually* interested him.

“I have always believed something better could come if you work hard and believe in what you are doing - you will make it. For sure.”

Guzmán doesn’t believe in luck. He believes in the right moment, at the right time and seizing opportunities with both hands. In the last five years, he has worked with some of the biggest names in sports; Marcelo, Messi, Ronaldo, Carlos Sainz and Nadal to name a few - content opportunities that wouldn’t have come around had he not have connected the right dots. When he made the decision to leave Real Madrid to start The Crown, he was lucky enough to have a supportive boss who encouraged him to do his own thing and even said there would be a job waiting for him if he wanted to come back. Luckily for Guzmán, he had enough self belief to ensure he wouldn’t have to take a backward step and has been making waves in sports content creation, under his own name, ever since. 

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