Chris Burkard

"Easily the biggest thing I have learned from managing my own space and working with people, is how to communicate better. How to be an advocate to bring out the very best in somebody and how to build them up to hope that they are creating their best work. When it comes down to it, you're a team."

In this episode of Pack Heavy, Chase Light we send Sam off to Pismo Beach, California to catch up with award-winning photographer, creative director and producer Chris Burkard.

Chris needs no introduction to the Db audience. We have worked with him for a while now and follow his projects keenly. His speciality is shooting landscapes in remote, wild locations - often contending with harsh weather and relishing the challenge that it brings. For him, creating something beautiful amidst or through the chaos is where the joy lies and something he won't be shying away from in a hurry.

"I've learned how to ask for what I want and that bringing a vision together is based upon good collaboration and that is what it comes down to."

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